Novavox Inc.


  As an enterprise who seek for Health care and Beauty care with human love, Novavox Inc. is engaged in synthetic and
systematic Ems Training System developed for astronauts by NASA and Ultrasonic bone densitometer that can diagnose osteoporosis conveniently. We also research, develop, manufacture and sale high quality natural soap made from natural plants, natural medicinal materials and minerals good for skin, various beauty device and new technology. We do our best for human’s health and beauty.

Modern people are consistently getting various surplus spectrum supply, but they are not free from intense anxiety and stress arised from unlimited competition.

Novavox Inc. is a startup manufacturing enterprise in high technology business field, in order to achieve customer satisfaction effectively in the field of health, medical treatment, beauty and children's articles, Novavox Inc. strive to develop truthful products.

NOVAVOX Inc. will realize value of healthy, simple and safe life together with you.
Thank you.