What is EMS?

  Weak current stimulation of muscles treats the bone pain. This treatment method and machine are widely used in medical field. Unlike medical treatment machine, the EMS machine which use core wave stimulates muscles to the greatest extent, so it helps muscle movement and fat decomposition. EMS technology is firstly developed by NASA Institute for Body Research, it helps astronauts adapt to gravity-free condition of universe space station and spacecraft.
  This equipment was developed for astronauts who work in a narrow space to prevent their muscle atrophy and shortage of exercise. NASA and Russian Aerospace Research Institute developed EMS system to solve the problems of astronaut’s bone mineral density reduction due to shortage of exercise. EMS system successfully solves these problems. Germany is the first country to apply this technology in civil use.
  It was commercialized by a German company. Convenient usage, fat burning and muscle training in a short time are widely recognized by whole age group, it has become an instrument widely sold in the world. NOVAVOX INC, a company produces specialized medical equipments in Korea, has launched STALWART which is an upgraded, advanced concept, economic EMS system.

Supports five exercise modes

 Running Mode

 Weight Training Mode

 Yoga & Pilates Mode

 Recovery & Massage Mode

 Expert Mode

Can maximally stimulate more than 20 muscles.

 Can achieves maximum effect for growing more than 20 muscles such as femoral muscle, abdominal muscles, pectoral muscle, etc.

 Can adjust exercise intensity of more than 20 muscles.

 At the same time, the exercise intensity of different muscles can be adjusted individually.

Astro Armour

 Can wash with water.

 Lightweight and flexible, suitable for postures of various movement.

 Use wireless mode, more convenient to use.

 No limit space for use. (maximum distance from machine is 80M)


 Tablet PC makes it even more convenient for group training.

 Easy to manage cloud system and upgrade your main machine’s software with its own-developed software.